What did you effing say?

An interesting editorial — Arguing for profanity in print

Looking for assignments?

I’ll be adding them to this page here.

The Modern Journalist



By cartoonist Royston Robertson.  http://www.roystoncartoons.com/2009/05/journalism-cartoon-its-about-multi.html

By cartoonist Royston Robertson.

Cartoonist Royston Robertson



Why does this work so well?

Take a look.



Creative work is hard work. Don’t give up.

Words to work by from Ira Glass.

Since your final projects focus on “change”

Found this photo gallery titled “Change.”

Be inspired.


Alternative storytelling method: Storify

Attention Sonics fans: Since Storify was oh-so-briefly mentioned the other day, here’s an example of how it’s used. What do you think?!