Let’s Get Started


Welcome to class. We’re not meeting today because I’m currently in Miami IN A CLASSROOM (seriously) learning even more about multimedia so I can better teach you. You’ll hear more about me when we meet on Thursday. But in the meantime you’ve got some homework. Take a look at the video, complete both field assignments and be ready to present it to the class on Thursday. Be creative. Be resourceful. Use whatever tools you have available. The exercise isn’t about quality per se, since I don’t know how many of you (if any of you) have had any serious practical training on gathering audio and/or shooting. What I’m more interested in is getting a sense of how you think. What do you think WOULD make a good story element? And why? And, I want to learn a little more about who you are. Have fun and see you Thursday. NOTE: Only field assignments due in class on Thursday. Syllabus initially mentioned written assignment but that has now been updated.


5 responses to “Let’s Get Started

  1. Syllabus says, “complete both written and field assignment.” You didn’t mention a written assignment in the video, just the photo and audio. Could you clarify, please? Thanks.

    • Page
      Good catch. Syllabus has been tweaked. Only field assignments due Thursday. We’ll write in class on Thursday. Cheers. And thanks for your many photog links. Am going to eventually link to these.

  2. I’m having a bit of trouble finding the field assignments. I watched the video and didn’t find anything there and looked through the syllabus and also didn’t see any descriptions there. Please help!

  3. Hey, I know this is late…but I’ve given up on trying to open the vid…I’ve tried on a couple different computers and it says the it’s locked?

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