The iphone at work

We’ll be talking about social media in a couple of weeks. Twitter, specifically. But here’s an example of social media, the iphone, and breaking news of today’s plane crash (en route to Seattle. Thankfully, no injuries). Wow. Twitter kicks CNN’s booty in reporting the news.


2 responses to “The iphone at work

  1. True. We’re seeing this more and more now with the proliferation of cell-phone technology. Think back to Mumbai a few months ago, and even Virginia Tech shooting a couple years ago. They certainly weren’t the only images I saw of those events, but cell-phone images were some of the first.

    In news photography, the content of your photo counts more than any other element. Anyone can make a pretty picture, but only those who are there when it happens can make an image that communicates the story to the reader.

    That’s something I was going to post under the Rule-of-Thirds post but might as well say it here. News photographers should not be trying to make pictures “pretty” just for the sake of doing so. They should be trying to faithfully represent the subjects of the story so the scene is accurately communicated to the reader.

    Visual interest is still important, but comes second.

    Oh, and I know this isn’t Craigslist, but I’m selling my Olympus WS-100 digital recorder at the end of next week. It’s $80 on amazon, I’ll take $35. Email me at if interested.

  2. Hey, another link, whether you like it or not (:

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