Note: be wary of a certain Olympus recorder…I mean Sony.

Note: This post originally said it was an Olympus recorder. But it was actually a Sony.

Li Cheng had tech difficulties today because a Sony  he checked out from the Comm department required special software to “read” his file. And because the PCs in the lab require special network administrative requirements and because we/I don’t have that it turned into a bit of a nightmare. He has a plan B. But I bring this up just as a reminder. Not only should you carry extra batteries with you at all times but you should figure out what computer you’re likely to be using and whether or not you can easily upload your files onto said computer. I know not everyone wants to rely on the PCs in the lab, which is OK. But factor in enough time so you have some options. Looking ahead: the other two software programs we’ll use during in-class lab time in a couple of weeks: Photoshop and Soundslides. Both are on the PCs in the lab. Soundslides (available for Mac or PC) is relatively cheap and worth purchasing for your own computers ($40 for the basic version; $70 for the fancier one that does some cool stuff) if you think you’re going to want to do audio slideshows down the road, beyond this class, and you’re not going to have access to the campus computers.  Photoshop is PRICEY and worth getting only if you’re super serious about photography. ($600 for a legal copy). Or you’re a designer…My recommendation. Plan on imaging your photos with photoshop on the UW’s computers. But if you want to spend your money wisely consider purchasing Soundslides. But again you DO  NOT HAVE TO. You can use and play around with the programs during this quarter and then consider if you want to spend the money. We’ll talk more about this…


6 responses to “Note: be wary of a certain Olympus recorder…I mean Sony.

  1. Hey Florangela, it was a Sony recorder I had problems with, not an Olympus =)

    Also, I’m beginning to look at online alternatives for Photoshop (mobile editors I call them). Here’s a rather recent one that just came out of beta: Aviary

    And for people who love to get down and dirty with Photoshop, here’s an interesting link to up your skill levels: Photoshop Lady

  2. Could it be that Li Cheng was trying to load WMA files into the older version of Audacity, which is what the school’s computers have? If so, only the newer version of Audacity will read those file types, and of course, only someone with the admin password would be able to install it.

    Just a guess.

  3. Hi Page, the Sony recorder I borrowed from school needs drivers and an extraction software to use. Even Kristina was unable to help me in class that day as she couldn’t supply the admin password. Lesson learnt : do not borrow the Sony recorder unless you’re using your own PC and can install the said items (i’m using a mac, not compatible with the recorder).

    Thanks for the suggestion anyway!

  4. A note on Photoshop – buy it now while you are a student and it will cost you around $200 for a set – Acrobat, Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop. Check the U Bookstore.

  5. Another source for cheaper software as a student is (Photoshop is about the same price as at the UW bookstore).

  6. I’ll just throw this out there about photoshop: Unless you plan on doing graphic design, or doing crazy manipulations to your images (which is unethical in journalism), then you don’t need it. I highly recommend Adobe Lightroom which is about 1/2 the price of photoshop. If anyone is interested in this program, I have it on my laptop and will be glad to give a demonstration.

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