Guest speaker on Thursday

picture-12KPLU’s Paula Wissel will be our guest on Thursday. We are LUCKY to have her stop by. Please listen to these two stories and Paula will talk to us about gathering and layering nat sound with interviews. Come prepared with good, smart questions (you know, the kinds you always have in class).

The Meaning of Work: The Boilermaker.

The Meaning of Work: The Baby Room.

And if you want to hear more stories from The Meaning of Work series here’s a link to the series website. 

Her bio: 

Paula Wissel | Law & Justice Reporter

Paula has covered the Law and Justice beat at KPLU for more than a decade. She began her KPLU career in 1989 when she was hired to host All Things Considered. Prior to moving to Seattle, she worked in public television in Idaho. She also worked in public TV and radio in upstate New York and San Francisco, where she graduated from Lone Mountain College, now part of the University of San Francisco. She was born and raised in Idaho. Paula’s memorable moment in public radio: “Sitting in a King County courtroom when Green River killer Gary Ridgway pleaded guilty to strangling 48 women. As the serial killer responded to each charge in an emotionless tone, the families of the murder victims sat quietly crying. They’d been waiting decades for the killer to be caught. It reinforced my feeling that, with this or any tragedy, the people left behind live with the pain long after I’ve packed up my microphone and gone home.”


One response to “Guest speaker on Thursday

  1. I loved the sounds in the baby room! The funny baby noises and the “baby ambassador” making noises of her own (like the pig!) and Paula seemed to draw out the worker’s unique insight into babies quite well. I enjoyed the boiler room as well, although thought the intro a bit confusing with the overlapping telephone/narration noises and the odd thump that I couldn’t identify…I would have wished for more natural sounds to add to the experience, but quite an interesting look into a job many don’t know about.

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