Responsible editing. Was this wrong?!

Watch this and listen carefully to the opening. Obama’s words.

Then read this by Poynter’s Al Tompkins.  What Do You Think??

The “On The Media” show — link to the right — had a really great piece called “Pulling Back the Curtain” that talks about “internal editing” and cleaning up quotes. Required listening. Warning: It may deflate you. Go here.


3 responses to “Responsible editing. Was this wrong?!

  1. Maybe it was due to your warning, but I could tell that Obama’s statements were edited. The background sound seemed to be a little different with each cut. I think I would probably agree with the BBC. Obama did say those things, and while they weren’t meant to be strung together in a single sentence, it does not really alter the meaning of his general thought. It would be much different if the BBC edited the content of someone who was against protecting the environment and made them sound like they were for it.

    • You could tell the statements were edited…but would the average viewer/listener?? We will discuss this in class. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Although the general and overall meaning is similar about the environment I have to say the BBC was wrong to significantly alter the piece. They took a phrase in a sentence that was four paragraphs after the first two, that was talking about something different and that was wrong. It raises questions about the validity of journalists and the pieces they create. If this quote was in a paper you would see indicators that parts of the speech were cut out and the viewers here can’t clearly see that. As broadcasters we owe it to our audience to communicate with them just the same as we would in print.

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