Even NPR can’t always get people to talk

Amy has me thinking about interviewing. I’ve found some stuff that I’ll link to. But for your amusement — or your reassurance — here’s a blog posting about an interview that went badly. It’s so painful to listen to that it’s actually pretty funny. Luke Burbank, who is from here, once co-hosted an NPR show called The Bryant Park Project, which is where this is from. Now he’s the host of TBTL on KIRO.


5 responses to “Even NPR can’t always get people to talk

  1. Hey Florangela, the link doesnt seem to work. Could you repost the URL? Thanks.

  2. I found this on Youtube:

    This might not be the interview in question, but it certainly was painful to sit through. The Youtubers are quite harsh with their comments about the interviewer; they obviously don’t know how hard it is. The interviewees were just a tad reticent. I am not sure if better questions would have opened them up.

  3. Wow that was painful. It seems like the question, “Did you ever expect this?” might not be such a good one. I asked that question for a story once and received a similar response, but it wasn’t nearly this bad.

  4. No problem…I just hope that when you say “Amy got me thinking about interviewing” it wasn’t because my raw audio was that bad:) I know I’m not good, but it didn’t go that awry!

    At least the interviewer was able to poke fun at himself. He asked them about being able to take part in “fascinating interviews such as this one.” He didn’t even seem phased that they were so reticent. I would have probably gotten noticably frustrated and annoyed; he didn’t even blink. It’s one thing to have a bad interview and have to write about it later; it’s another to have it live on the air. Hopefully he’ll ask less yes/no and either/or questions next time.

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