Chirp. Squawk. More on Twitter…


Here’s the RSS video Kathy showed in class today. Common Craft also did one on Twitter.

Go here to search all tweets on a particular subject. I just put in Seattle and found a bunch of stuff. So, how would/could you use this??

Lastly, here’s the app I believe Kathy was using. Note, you can “group” people you follow/tweets according to subject.

I am using something called Twitterfic, which is what David Pogue mentions in his column. (Go back and read it if you haven’t, below). There’s also something called Twirl and I bet there are a zillion others. Explore if you’d like.


3 responses to “Chirp. Squawk. More on Twitter…

  1. New Bruce Gilden multimedia piece at Magnum in Motion:

    Nice to see something different from Inauguration Day.

  2. I downloaded Twitterific on my iPod and I actually really like it. I’m following some news organizations and it’s nice to see short headlines. I feel like it makes it a lot easier to sift through stories than going to the web page. I did, however, need to stop following The New York Times. They tweet every 5 minutes, which is a little obnoxious.

    I’m also enjoying Mark Trahants poems. It’s a pretty creative way to use Twitter.

  3. I’m using it to keep track of news in the web design sphere, still adding to my list of respected designers.

    Just remembered too that URL shorteners (redirectors) are nothing new, just got really useful in the Twitter age.

    Did I mention that the people at are making a roaring business out of something you could essentially do yourself? This gives me a wicked idea…

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