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Seems like that’s the only thing journalists are talking about these days. Here’s yet one more article on Twitter (this one’s from New York magazine) and its founders. I’m starting to think Twitter has its uses but I wonder just how relevant it will remain.


8 responses to “More on Twitter

  1. Christopher Morris of VII photo agency covered the Bush White House for Time Magazine from 2001-2006. Here,, he talks about the experience and the book that resulted, titled “My America.”

  2. Also, highly recommended viewing:

    I own it and will lend it out if anyone is interested.

  3. Hey Florangela, Thanks for having Harley in today. It’s always good to hear from someone who is so experienced (and good) at what he does. I noticed some people had some technical questions about photography (like how to work this darn camera!). I’d be more than happy to set up a time to meet with those in the class who want to learn the technical basics of cameras/photoshop/etc. I’m not as experienced as someone like Harley, but I do have a lot of technical knowledge on the process. Anyway, just thought I’d throw that out there. Thanks again.

  4. contact sheets using Adobe Bridge (available on all the classroom computers):

    Step 1: Open Bridge and navigate to where your photos are.
    Step 2: Select the photos you want to include on the contact sheet. [Ctrl+A] will select all, or [Ctrl+click] each photo you want
    Step 3: Once the photos are selected, click Tools > Photoshop > Contact Sheet. Photoshop will then open with a dialog box for you to customize your contact sheet.
    Step 4: set the document size slightly smaller than the paper size you’ll be printing to (I used 8×10.5 for half-inch margins on a regular sheet of paper
    Step 5: determine how many rows and columns you’ll need (example: 30 photos fit into 5 columns, 6 rows).
    Step 6: set resolution to 300
    Step 7: click OK. Then just save it as a JPEG to print elsewhere.

  5. Prestigious photojournalism contest to announce winners in three days:

  6. What do you think of this website design? Try to imagine it without the celebrity theme, but with a news/magazine theme. I think it works.

  7. In case anyone wasn’t sure what I meant by “toning” today in class, here’s a blatant example of overdoing it:

    Hot damn, I’m on a role!

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