Audio slideshow tsunami

Bunch o’ posts related to audio slideshows…

Here’s one diehards might enjoy. Photo editors critique NPPA’s Best of Photojournalism websites 2005. Interesting. But if you want to revisit what we saw today, or other slideshows I just found, keep scrolling down.

Here’s the powerpoint on my thoughts on what makes a good slideshow.


2 responses to “Audio slideshow tsunami

  1. And the winners are…

    Awesome photos! I especially like the photo essays. The singles are such teasers, not providing any context. Some initial thoughts:

    Very minimal captions force us to concentrate on the images. It’s fine most of the time because I already know the stories that go along with the pictures. However, check out the 1st Prize winner in the General News Stories category. What the hell was that about? If World Press Photo’s purpose is to raise awareness while promoting good photojournalism, then why not provide the critical information that goes along with the photos. I 100% agree with Harley Soltes on that subject: What good is a photo without some context?

    I’m also a little confused about the categories. We’ve got photo stories of the Georgian conflict in both Spot News and General News categories. So…which one is it, spot or general news?

    Lastly, the images in the gallery are miniscule. Why not give us something that we can see detail in like a 900×600 pixel image?

  2. NPPA’s best audio slideshow of 2008:

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