The audio slideshow


photo by Rod Mar

photo by Rod Mar




Nice critiques today on what you liked, what you didn’t, what worked, what needed improvement.

Here are links to what we screened today. Take a second look. Consider pacing; variety of shots; openings; endings; story arcs. Take a second look for inspiration and/or for pointers on what not to do.

Rod Blagojevich.

Austin wants to die.

Soldier at tomb of the unknown soldier.

Children learning English

This last piece reminded me of a slideshow Rod Mar did. It’s here. 

Rod used to be at The Seattle Times (sensing a pattern?). And he used to write a terrific blog on sports photography. He is still blogging and he’s yet one more resource to know about because the blog allows you one more chance to get inside a photog’s head.

Also, came across these. Take a look. Weigh in.

From the Boston Globe. Nice portraits. But frankly I started to get bored….I got through three of them and then got antsy. Sorry, but I must be cold because I just didn’t connect or care.

Really liked this It moves. The photos are great. It’s a sobering subject but I thought it was the perfect length.

This has narration. But the narration doesn’t bother me. I just don’t think it works. Too broad. I’m starting to think why put all the effort in building this? Why not a print story?

Lastly, a ton of award-winning stuff here. Will also link to it over on the right. 

Ted and Page got me thinking so I link to a couple of examples of the same story told in different ways.

A radio story by NPR’s Howard Berkes. Listen here. 


The audio slideshow. 

(OK. Maybe this is a no brainer. Got a story about an aerial PHOTOGRAPHER. Uh, DUH. How about some VISUALS showing us the photos….)

(Kind of like the smart thinking by Rod. Photo assignment on a woman helping the Mariners learn English. Duh. Screams AUDIO)

Here’s the Jackie, Journey Through Cancer story.

Even thought it’s written by yours truly — and a really damn good read (ha!) — I do think the story merits visuals. And a bunch of them. And in this case the combination of visuals plus audio trumps the written word. Sigh.


2 responses to “The audio slideshow

  1. I think the issue with the Boston Globe ones is that they didn’t require photos and all of the people had a similar thing to say so it got repetitive. You probably could have put all of them in one audio slideshow and just changed the portrait once the speaker changed.

    The Spokane Depression one wasn’t as thrilling for me because it used all archive photos, so it’s hard to relate to.

    I particularly liked the “From the Mouth of Babes” piece; after watching all the other ones, it was sort of a bright spot amidst a lot of stories about poverty and drug use. Makes a 7-year-old preacher kid seem sort of uplifting. But the Hotel Poverty one had really great detail pictures, I found myself wincing while looking through them. I liked that they didn’t edit away all the f-bombs because it made it more real.

    One thing I notice in most of them is that the people don’t identify themselves by name. Also, I wonder if journalists go on these assignments solo. I would personally be nervous to head to these drug dens alone…is that just me? I couldn’t even watch all of “The Ninth Floor,” let alone report on it (possibly from my phobia of needles).

  2. Could you link to the short film about poverty in India? I thought that one was really interesting, it was as you said, a film that felt like photography…

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