Heed Uncle Ben!

When photographers do bad things, get caught and careers are ruined.

Read this.

Points if you get the Uncle Ben reference which is totally random. I’ll talk about it in class Tuesday.


7 responses to “Heed Uncle Ben!

  1. Weird that he would risk his reputation, and his job, for erasing a bit of wire or adding some shrubbery!

  2. I’m no pro, but those pics don’t even seem like they were so fabulous that they just had to be altered to make them “perfect.” Particularly the one with the cord, what is that picture even about?

  3. Christopher Morris talks about taking pictures in North Korea while dealing with his “handlers”: http://www.viiphoto.com/video.php

  4. oh…scroll down to PART ONE: INTRODUCTION, NORTH KOREA by Christopher Morris


    I’m glad to see a known photographer (Seattle native BTW) like Art Wolfe voice his opinion of Facebook’s unfair policy on copyright of it’s user content. Perhaps more will follow.

    For those who don’t know his work, he has his own photography TV show called “Travels to the Edge” that comes on PBS and also KBCT (12).

    Anyway, Florangela, I don’t know if Facebook would be the wisest place to publish next quarter’s digital media. Hopefully there’s another way?

  6. Facebook’s new terms of service: “We can do anything we want with your content. Forever.” http://tinyurl.com/ca4r2l

  7. I agree with Page’s comment on Facebook. Couldn’t we do it on another platform? I believe if the school could provide web hosting we could set up a WordPress-powered online publication.

    That would definitely be more compliant with web standards and ‘trends’, as well as providing a scalable publishing interface that is highly customisable to our needs (including security/privacy issues), and at the same time support collaborative work by encouraging multi-user(section) posting.

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