And now all is right in the world….

Totally deserved the editing award. (If you haven’t seen the movie yet you should).

What also proves the Academy got it right: Sean Penn!!


2 responses to “And now all is right in the world….

  1. Sarah Greenleaf

    Movie trailers work so well in part because they work with so many images. The cuts are quick and show only the exact moment in which the action takes place; many times there is a more ‘broadcast’ feel to video done for news sites. This trailer uses voice-overs, but they are over moving images, not stills; there is nothing stagnant about it and it moves quickly both on the visual and audio level.

    There is also non-linear story telling, which can be a useful way to get people to pay attention to how the end result came about; it creates mystery. Music is used to set the mood and to change it, from the fast-paced thrill of the game to the sweeter sounds of a love story.

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