Travis Fox — For Thursday


We’ll be conference calling Travis Fox, video journalist extraordinaire, on Thursday.

As prep please read and/or watch the following and please come ready to ask him some smart questions on storytelling, video vs. still, technique, purpose/intent, etc. etc.

When watching these consider: emotion, narrative, images, nat sound. I recommend watching them in this order.

New York Remembers. Here.

A protest postcard. Here.

Hard Times:Homeless in the American Riviera. Here.

Sadaam’s Head Tours Baghdad. Here.

In Beichuan the Agony of Surviving. Here.

Read this q and a. Here.

And lastly, read this AJR story on video.


One response to “Travis Fox — For Thursday

  1. This is one of my first experiences with video journalism, it is interesting to me how similar their composition is to radio stories…also, it is exciting that his video journalism is being funded by selling stories to television, perhaps this is one way newsrooms can sustain themselves in the future.

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