Rocky Mountain News, RIP

An incredibly well-executed video chronicling The (late) Rocky Mountain News. It’ll get you if you’ve ever worked at a newspaper (Daily folks: you have to watch!). It’s also an example of how music can heighten the emotion in film. (You know how I’m not a big fan of music, at least not for our projects). But in this case I thought the choice of music and how it’s used was really nice. This is a long video — 20 minutes — but I could not stop watching.


One response to “Rocky Mountain News, RIP

  1. I’m from Denver, so I’m particularly invested in this piece. The RMN was always my favorite growing up. I wish they had shown a copy of the final issue, which was designed with the original “old-West” feel of the 1860s(

    I just took a look at a couple of the audio slideshows on the site from their “best of the Rocky” section. I thought this one was particularly good:
    I’m still crying.

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