Bye Bye P-I: Radio Still Bests The Seattle Times

Day Two of KPLU and KUOW’s stories on the dying newspaper industry/death of the P-I. And what do we have here on the front page of The Seattle Times? A nice photo of the P-I Globe and the staff but a very straight, industry-focused story that doesn’t add all that much to what’s already been said about the industry — and only notes this may be the last week of the P-I’s print existence. C’mon. Is is really that hard to write a straight news story focused on the publication and its history and what it means to the city not to have two newspapers? I mean I’m not talking double-truck, full color, dripping-with-sentimentality story but as a newspaper of record something about its history and its significance is merited.

KPLU’s story, by Liam Moriarty, looked at the investigative newspapering done by The P-I. (Nice to hear Duff Wilson, of The P-I, the Times and now The New York Times).

KUOW’s story, by Patricia Murphy, profiles P-I photog Grant Haller.

The Seattle Times doesn’t typically shy away from writing about local, once-glorious icons. I mean remember how much coverage was given to this?


And for the record yes, I string for KPLU but I didn’t have a hand whatsoever in their (awesome) newspaper series.


One response to “Bye Bye P-I: Radio Still Bests The Seattle Times

  1. Susan Pritchard

    I heard on KIRO and a co-worker said they heard it on KOMO radio that has launched an online petition to save the landmark globe atop the Seattle PI building.

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