Promoting your Website with Facebook Advertising

I’m not sure whether there will be a marketing budget or not for your publication – but I think it’s important for all of you to become familiar with the Facebook Ad placement system. It’s very sophisticated at targeting the audience you want.

Visit Facebook Ads and walk through the steps up to placing the ad. I suggest reading about social actions and play with the targeting features. We’ve used Facebook ads significantly in promoting Hot Dish and MnDaily apps. Learn about the difference between CPC and CPM.

I will also say, I feel Facebook is selling these ads at a premium and we’ve been mostly disappointed with the ad click thru to app sign up ratio in our applications. I think there is significant churn in the advertising industry right now – in that the product mix is moving from print, radio and tv to ads such as Google and Facebook … and that buyers are overpaying for perceived – not actual – value. In other words, while you might say it’s our applications fault it isn’t capitalizing at a high rate on ad click thru, I think the online ad environment and the Internet in general is so saturated with ads and over-stimulation that the value of click thrus has declined i.e. readers who click an ad are probably not as likely to take a second step as they were a few years ago.

One last small detail, the landing page that Facebook uses if you choose the option to advertise an application on Facebook – is the application’s about page. I didn’t fnd this an attractive landing page for our application – so I linked people right to our team page with a BIG Sign up for the Action Team button.   If I could do this over with our design team (and the unlimited resources I don’t have), I’d build a landing page designed specifically for ad click thrus – designed to draw someone in from our ad to join our app.

On a side note, here are some web & print ads and flyers we’ve used for Hot Dish (I designed the flyer before our designer did the others).

p.s. The new WordPress is making me feel a bit like a tech neophyte. Bad wordpress. I’ve placed three images here but only one is appearing. Corollary to running your own Web application – if the customer doesn’t understand your app, you’re likely wrong.


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