PhotoMonk: A Resource for Photographers

Page Level, who is in our class, has a great photography resource. Email him, below, if you’re interested.

PhotoMonk was created by Seattle-based photographer Page Level. The blog aims to advance the photographic education of its members through information exchange, photo critiques and discussion.

I’ve made the blog private, so only members can see it and post comments, that way people will feel more free to post whatever they want. I plan on running this thing collaboratively with other members, so anyone who wants to can post photos or stories about photography/multimedia things. I have hundreds of links already posted and a couple of articles, so there is some content already there. I’ve also started a PhotoMonk group on Flickr where we can showcase our images publicly (if you want to).

It’s a WordPress blog so if anyone is interested, just email me email address you used to sign up for wordpress so I can add you as a contributor. This entirely not-for-profit. There aren’t even ads. It’s just meant to create a little photographic community who can help each other out on the web.

Page Level


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