Recap of the Tech Conference Call

From Amy Monroe:

Our discussion about site design with Adam and Jeff went well. We explained that the site is meant to engage our target age range (16-25 year-olds) in arts and culture news.  We said we want the site to be modern, fresh and interactive.

We do not have a lot of freedom when it comes to layout as the FB site uses a template with many set parameters.  Keep in mind we will have a lot of creative freedom with the WordPress site.

Adam will use Li Cheng’s mock-up of the logo and design two comps for us to review in class.  We chose two color palettes from which we as a class can choose our preference on Thursday.  The color palettes are:
a)  the logo in yellow, with black, grey and yellow colors in the design (such as page header, navigation tabs etc.). b)  the logo in aqua blue, with black, grey and aqua blue colors in the design (such as page header, navigation tabs etc.) We based these colors off of the discussion going on Go-Post.  If anybody else has strong feelings about color, please chime in ASAP.

For body text we decided to keep it with a sans-serif font.  The default is Arial, and we decided on the spot that it went well with the logo Li Cheng had designed.  Again, if you feel strongly about body text, please chime in on Go Post.  We do not have as much freedom in fonts in web-based applications as in print; only a handful of fonts are web safe such as Times New Roman, Verdana and Arial.  The Hot Dish site uses Arial.

The “action” tab as seen on Hot Dish will be replaced with a “community” tab on our site. And Adam will work on incorporation of our logo on that page also (replacing the polar bear, which serves as Hot Dish mascot.)

As a class this Thursday we can discuss with Jeff how we want to fill the space on the right side of the main page of the application (since we have no challenges, prizes etc.). We will also vote on the comps and propose changes to Adam as a group.  Given that we are to launch next week, though, we need to get our decisions to them as soon as possible.


3 responses to “Recap of the Tech Conference Call

  1. launch next week? We don’t yet have content, and these things will take time to produce with any quality.

    as design ideas go, I like what we have so far with the blue/gray/back scheme and the logo is cool.

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  3. Laura also contributed to the write-up of the conference call, FYI.

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