Navigating Soundtrack Pro

I mostly use Adobe Audition software to edit at KPLU. And I’ve also worked with the (free) Audacity. But since I’ve yet to fork over money for Audition for my Mac I decided to play around with Soundtrack Pro, the audio editing program that comes with Final Cut.

It wasn’t as intuitive as I thought it’d be but luckily these tutorials really helped. (I’m a visual learner. I like video tutorials as opposed to this one, which was useful but could have benefited from more visuals).

Since I knew my final output needed to be an MP3 — for a Soundslides project — I knew I’d have no problem using SP.

But I’m not certain SP would fly if I were editing a piece for the station since they prefer .wav files.

The final audio can be heard here, in a story that really sells itself. A pair of girl basketball players talk emotionally and thoughtfully about playing on a team that suffered a sudden loss when their point guard died one year ago.  I didn’t collect the audio but fortunately I had plenty of good “tape,” especially ambient noise, to work with.

Morganne Comstock by Glenn Nelson/ESPN HoopGurlz


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