A Fresh Twist on the Same Ole College Tour

Could I convince the UW’s Com Faculty to do something like this? (to what song?!) What can this teach us in terms of communicating?? (And in terms of production, man, I am a sucker for the single-shot. Wow. The planning involved here IMPRESSES!)

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5 responses to “A Fresh Twist on the Same Ole College Tour

  1. Holy cow a 5-minute long shot!! I even looked for edits, I don’t think there was a spot where it was even possible. They didn’t have to worry much about sound since they layered the music over everything, and obviously didn’t worry much about lighting…but it’s still a major accomplishment. It must have taken a week to plan and execute!

    It makes the school look like a lot of fun, like the culture is diverse and young and enthusiastic and like the community is pretty tight-knit. If I was a parent watching it I’d think twice about the open alcohol consumption, but if I was a high-school kid I’d be tempted to put that school on my list.

  2. i love the jewish phrases in that song, has anyone questioned them yet? black eyed peas = lyrical genius?
    amazing video by college students though!

    anyway i just wanted to share this from saturday’s ep of SNL, i think i’ve watched it about 5 times. best skit they’ve performed in a while:

    my favourite line is “let us go back to our ghetto and listen to our local radio dj PLEASE!’ oh kristen wiig.

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