SNL Skit. Just Because.

Oh, Slap Me Five. Thanks to Dani (Supraprint) for this. Because we could all use a laugh.

NOTE: I deleted this on Oct. 12, 2009 because it kept playing everytime I logged on here and it started to drive me crazy. Sorry.


One response to “SNL Skit. Just Because.

  1. I love SNL, but it drives me nuts when they slack and let one of the characters read from a teleprompter. You can totally see his eyes moving from side to side, then they move to the “audience” when he starts to get ahead of the reading, finally shooting quickly back to the teleprompter as a sort of “life support” Lol.
    Lastly, it’s irritating but true in America, baseball takes president and is allowed practically anywhere, nicely depicted in this scene.

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