She Blogs and Hollywood Cowers

A combination town crier and volcano god, Finke evokes in her readers both anxiety and respect.

A great read about Nikke Finke, the former LA Times reporter-turned-blogger, in The New Yorker. A heads-up: Am likely to list this as “required reading” down the road.

One response to “She Blogs and Hollywood Cowers

  1. Fascinating. She really walks the line between speed and accuracy in her reporting. If power is her goal then she seems to have achieved it, but then a lot of people can do that for short periods of time in Hollywood. Having STAYING power is the greater challenge and she has to maintain her credibility to achieve it, but she can’t do it at the expense of speed or she’ll lose out too. The pressure would make almost anyone crazy.

    Just as interesting as the article is her response to it on her blog. She’s really sort of an unbelievable character, even for Hollywood!

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