My News Consumption Rituals

I did not purchase an iPad this weekend. My husband’s getting one in a couple of weeks. I will experience it through him but I am 1)cheap 2) conservative when it comes to gadgets 3) wary about bugs, etc. I’ll likely buy the 2nd generation.

When my husband bought the Kindle, I looked at it but never used it. It did not appeal to me. That was not the case when he first brought home an iPhone and I suspect, it will not be the case when he has his iPad. Maybe it’s because I grew up in L.A. but I like pretty things. And the Kindle was not pretty. It was not sexy. And I hated the dull-looking screen.

I suspect an iPad will change how he/we consume our news but as an FYI, here’s what I do/read:

My alarm clock is the radio. KPLU. I listen to it for about an hour. I used to have it in my bathroom so I’d listen also while showering. Now it’s in the bedroom but you get my point.

If I’m not running late — which is rare – I’ll scan The Seattle Times. The actual paper. Local section first. Then I’ll read the Arts section and the Business section in the New York Times. Then I’ll scan the Front Section of the Sea Times. And perhaps Sports.

I listen to KPLU in the car. Sometimes KUOW. Sometimes KEXP. I’m a big channel surfer.

If I log onto the computer in the AM it’s only to check email.
I use Google to collect headlines, etc. from all outlets. But lately Twitter has been a great source for news-related links.
If I’m at the station the radio is on constantly. But we produce wearing headphones so sometimes I’m not getting the news. I’ll check And am a big fan of

My day usually ends with “Fresh Air,” one of my favorite programs. Sometimes I’ll check in with the BBC. And then it’s jazz to end the day.
I may or may not finish reading The New York Times at night.
And that’s it.


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