Deliverables due Tuesday

1.On Go Post, upload your project url (the Dante url). One jpeg from your project and a short 1,2 paragraph description of your project, including the title and your full and last name.

ex: The Crafty Girl by Florangela Davila is a story about a woman who knits.

2. Submit a transcription of your audio. (Word doc). Upload that to Go Post as well. Or, you can bring in a hard copy of your transcription. Include the names of two people who listened to your audio.

3. Submit a one page explainer of What You Tried To Do or What Didn’t Work or Even What You Learned Doing This. Submit this to Go Post as well.

4. If you cannot upload your project onto REAL Soundslides (not the Demo) that’s OK. But you must have your project folder in hand on Tuesday and be ready to present so you receive full credit for your work.

5. Deadlines for everything is Tuesday. For every day that passes you will lose half a grade.


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