Final grades

On the last day of class — Dec. 8 — please plan on turning in  ANY FOUR writing assignments (with the drafts) that you have completed. Yes, it’s YOUR choice. So choose wisely. (Obviously, some assignments were trickier than others. So a 3 on a more complicated assignment — i.e. inanimate object — will carry more weight than a 4 on the Novel Live story, especially if you didn’t “write” much on that one). I will also be looking at your blogs and your blog posts (you should have five blog posts  — including “writing about inanimate object” and “6-word and 25-word memoir.”) Your bio can count as one of your FOUR writing assignments.

Yes, you are free to rewrite anything you want before turning it in. All I ask is for the drafts as well. I can’t edit anything beyond what I have already collected. But if you want we can have a quick one-on-one anytime before class.




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