Your thoughts on voice recording apps

As an extra credit assignment, feel free to post a comment on an app for the iphone, droid, ipad or any other device that you have used/are using.


5 responses to “Your thoughts on voice recording apps

  1. I use a droid, and I downloaded an app called Voice Recorder and it works fine with great sound replay ability. I use a Samsung Galaxy S.

    -Tim Franklin

  2. I have a Droid X2 and downloaded Tape-A-Talk. Works really well and the files are .wav. Then you can email the files to yourself so you can easily get them on your computer.

  3. I am using a Droid app called RecForge Lite and it sounds good. The files are wav. I used this recorder alongside the Sony recorder Florangela let me use and this one (RecForge Lite) sounds much better.

  4. I used my I pad. I got the App Imesart audio Memos. It was like 1.99 or something like that. I really liked it.

  5. I have a droid and downloaded Tape-A-Talk and Hi-Q MP3(Lite). Out of the two the Hi-Q MP3 is the better of the two. It has the bar that tells you how hot the sound is and it was super easy to download the recordings to my computer. There is a paid version that seems like it would be even better but the free one is just fine for me.

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