Tipsheet: Editing Audio

Remember, it’s important to know what kind of files you are collecting after you record: aiff, .wav, mp3, etc.

(Easiest way to know? Once you upload your file onto your computer AND MAKE A COPY AND BACK BOTH FILES UP!! — right click it. It will show you the file type. Ex. 999×8.WAV is a wav file.)

Here’s a list of different file formats and whether they’re readable in Audacity.

If you have audio files that need to be converted, you will need some type of converter.

If you have a Mac, try using the Switch audio converter.

You can also try the free zamzar.

And, here’s how to convert an AIFF file to Mp3 using itunes:

Like Audacity, Garageband files are only readable in Garageband. So once you’re done editing, you will have to convert it. Read this: ConvertingGarageBandtoMP3

Installing Audacity using Windows XP.

A quick Audacity tutorial

The official Audacity manual.

Once you’ve finished editing in Audacity, you will “export” your file as an MP3.



Q: Rip the audio from a youtube video?

A: Apparently with something called audio hijack (per Sarah G.). I found this


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