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The best voice recording apps for the droid?

I’m an iphone user but I found this, on a site I’ve always liked. Passing it along as an fyi.



Fall 2009 Class Project

After a long, hard quarter we finally launched the magazine. Congratulations to the Fall Supraprint students. Looking forward to 2010.

Audio “Place” Story: Non-narrated and Full of Nat Sound

Photo by Jesse Chapins/Mapping Main Street

Photo by Jesse Chapins/Mapping Main Street

Here’s the latest story in an interesting documentary project that’s mapping Main Streets. I like it because it’s non-narrated and it’s full of voices and “nat” sound. I actually thought, however, that it went on too long and I’m curious what you all think. Take a look at the comments posted with this story. Some people really hated the main “young” voice heard throughout.

The NYT’s One-In-8-Million Series

In addition to being a fabulous body of storytelling what gets me about this series is that’s it’s so simply obvious:  Profile regular people. Give them a voice (literally). Show their faces. Take us into their worlds.

This is a recipe that can/should be emulated by other news organizations and will certainly play a role in my fall’s class. It’s inspirational all-around.

A great q-and-a by the team telling folks how the series is put together.

Navigating Soundtrack Pro

I mostly use Adobe Audition software to edit at KPLU. And I’ve also worked with the (free) Audacity. But since I’ve yet to fork over money for Audition for my Mac I decided to play around with Soundtrack Pro, the audio editing program that comes with Final Cut.

It wasn’t as intuitive as I thought it’d be but luckily these tutorials really helped. (I’m a visual learner. I like video tutorials as opposed to this one, which was useful but could have benefited from more visuals).

Since I knew my final output needed to be an MP3 — for a Soundslides project — I knew I’d have no problem using SP.

But I’m not certain SP would fly if I were editing a piece for the station since they prefer .wav files.

The final audio can be heard here, in a story that really sells itself. A pair of girl basketball players talk emotionally and thoughtfully about playing on a team that suffered a sudden loss when their point guard died one year ago.  I didn’t collect the audio but fortunately I had plenty of good “tape,” especially ambient noise, to work with.

Morganne Comstock by Glenn Nelson/ESPN HoopGurlz

Tips For a Successful Marriage BT AUDIO/VISUALS

Good things to remember. Because we always need reminding.

MUST read if you’re putting a soundslides together.

Panoramic photos and a nice audio series on farms

From the NYTimes, a panoramic look at spring training. Here.

From NPR, a look at an American farm through the seasons. Here.