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Radio lab

For your listening pleasure – check out or better yet subscribe to RadioLab. They are a great example of how to play with sound.


Move Over “1-in-8 Million”

I have to say I like it even better than the NYT audio slideshow series. Maybe it’s my West Coast bias but man. This new audio slideshow series — Pop.u.LA.tion — is quirky, lively and it has a great template. Am jealous.

On My iPod

An interview should be a conversation. This one’s warm, rich, poignant and funny. Rosanne Cash on dad, music, brain surgery and Joan Didion. “Fresh Air.”

Audio “Place” Story: Non-narrated and Full of Nat Sound

Photo by Jesse Chapins/Mapping Main Street

Photo by Jesse Chapins/Mapping Main Street

Here’s the latest story in an interesting documentary project that’s mapping Main Streets. I like it because it’s non-narrated and it’s full of voices and “nat” sound. I actually thought, however, that it went on too long and I’m curious what you all think. Take a look at the comments posted with this story. Some people really hated the main “young” voice heard throughout.

The NYT’s One-In-8-Million Series

In addition to being a fabulous body of storytelling what gets me about this series is that’s it’s so simply obvious:  Profile regular people. Give them a voice (literally). Show their faces. Take us into their worlds.

This is a recipe that can/should be emulated by other news organizations and will certainly play a role in my fall’s class. It’s inspirational all-around.

A great q-and-a by the team telling folks how the series is put together.

Radio pays its respects to the P-I. But where’s The Seattle Times?

KPLU’s Jennifer Wing launches the first of a three-part series with this profile of P-I reporter Mike Lewis. (It’s a very nice piece, I think. Made me kind of sad. Mike writes the kinds of stories I was always so fond of going after.) It’s a nice portrait of a reporter/ a reporter at-work/ a reporter on the brink of The End.) Listen here. 

KUOW also launches its own series today. I’ve only listened to three of the six parts but my favorite, by far, was piece number three. Mentions the cross-town rivalry. I guess I liked this piece the best because it hit home. Here’s the link to the series.

This is obviously a big LOCAL story and it used to be that the Seattle Times would find BIG LOCAL stories and write about them giving them preemo real estate: Sunday, A-1. Yes, there’s a rivalry. But instead of salting its Sunday section fronts with “What You Get in the Daily Seattle Times” ads I would argue a classier way of snagging Sunday P-I readers to subscribing to the daily Seattle Times would have been with a Sunday story about this likely being the last week of its (print) existence.

The power of the human voice

We’re focused on visuals however I heard this on Friday and wanted to share it with you. Story Corps — linked over there, right — is one of those audio gems that airs regulary on NPR. It’s a snippet of a conversation between two people. And it’s terrific. This one, about migrant workers, really got me.