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Why I Teach and What You Should Be Getting Out Of A Journalism Program

I’m getting ready for a new quarter here at the UW and I’m excited and slightly panicked. Hmm. Kind of reminds me of what it’s like to write a story — a story that I care about and not one of those forced-upon stories that your editor demands you do. You’ve reported hard and now comes the really hard part: finding a lead; finding direction, etc. But I digress. I’m looking forward to, by my count, 50 new faces/names/personalities that I’ll get to know this fall quarter. And I will do all I can to keep this site fresh and interesting for them (and for anyone else who happens to find this blog).

But in trolling the Web I came across this post, “Eight things that journalism students should demand from their journalism schools.”
It’s on-target and it relates to some of my own personal classroom goals in what I hope to impart on my students. I’m still a working journalist so I still come armed into the classroom with (hopefully) relevant tidbits about the Real World.