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The amazing photography — and fascinating backstory — of the work by a 24-year-old


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You might have seen these amazing photos of a young “Eagle hunter” from Mongolia.

Since we’re about to start talking visual journalism, here’s a link to a story about the reporting the 24-year-old photographer did to find the story. (And how little outlets wanted to pay him).

And here’s a link to the actual photos. AH-MAY-ZING.



Visual inspiration

One of my favorite photo blogs is NPR’s “The Picture Show.”

Here’s the opening of a recent post and a link to a gorgeous-looking slideshow of photographs. (Note: The detail shot!)

In a poor city in a poor country on a poor continent, there is a group of people with a singular purpose: to look rich.

Or, rather, to look good — and to fully embody the suave, elegant style that a wardrobe of three-piece suits, silk socks, fedoras and canes might suggest.

They are called sapeurs or members of the Societe des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Elegantes (the Society of Tastemakers and Elegant People). And when they go out, they turn the streets of Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of the Congo, into a fashion runway.

Did you manipulate that picture?



On the heels of today’s discussion on ethics, the Web was abuzz over whether Paul Hansen’s World Press Photo-winning photo was or was not altered.

In the end, it was proved that the photo was NOT a fake.

But this is the sort of scrutiny that will occur when something looks too good to be true. And it reminds us that credibility is key and no, as journalists, we shouldn’t lie.


With technology comes great responsibility

In other words, just because you have an iPhone and you take a photo, it doesn’t mean said photo should actually be published.

Take a look at a waste of space.


Instagram + a bathroom-turned-into-a-studio=A-1 portrait in the NYT

Photographer Nick Laham talks about his portraits of Alex Rodriguez — and shows a gallery of other pics.


Move Over “1-in-8 Million”

I have to say I like it even better than the NYT audio slideshow series. Maybe it’s my West Coast bias but man. This new audio slideshow series — Pop.u.LA.tion — is quirky, lively and it has a great template. Am jealous.

Cool Photographer, Cool Website

Lisa alerts us to this local photog, Tim Matsui (who she actually went to high school with!). His website is here. Note: Harley Soltes’ website posted over on the right. If you find other great photography sites that you’d like to share please add a comment and the url. Thanks!