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Social Media Guidelines at NPR, FYI

We’ll be talking about social media in a few weeks. NPR is the latest media organization to issue its guidelines here.


Kiddie-focused Tweets

Twitter in kindergarten. Yeah, really. Here.

In the WTFrak category: Twittering a funeral?!

Most severe was the criticism that followed the Rocky Mountain News’ decision to tweet coverage of three year-old Marten Kudlis’ funeral last September. “family members shovel earth into grave,” tweeted a reporter covering the funeral. “earth being placed on coffin.”

Read about this and the general backlash against Twitter here.

One more cool Twitter tool

To easily follow tweets on a particular subject. Today’s buzz was all about the demise of the Rocky Mountain News.

What is Twitter?


Poynter asks if this example of Twitter is actual reporting…

Another interesting read on the intersection of Twitter and journalism, which is now our favorite subject, right? I mean, besides GREAT AUDIO!! Monica raised a great point today about how communicators are curious and in-touch and I tend to agree with her. I think you can make up your own mind if something is worth/not worth exploring. But you should at least experiment with something before you make the call. I can’t tell you how many people in my old newsroom pooh-poohed Facebook and now you should see them trying to friend everyone they can find. I’m late to Facebook but I should have listened when some  UW students told me about it four years ago.

Chirp. Squawk. More on Twitter…


Here’s the RSS video Kathy showed in class today. Common Craft also did one on Twitter.

Go here to search all tweets on a particular subject. I just put in Seattle and found a bunch of stuff. So, how would/could you use this??

Lastly, here’s the app I believe Kathy was using. Note, you can “group” people you follow/tweets according to subject.

I am using something called Twitterfic, which is what David Pogue mentions in his column. (Go back and read it if you haven’t, below). There’s also something called Twirl and I bet there are a zillion others. Explore if you’d like.