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The amazing photography — and fascinating backstory — of the work by a 24-year-old


Screenshot 2014-04-25 17.26.02

You might have seen these amazing photos of a young “Eagle hunter” from Mongolia.

Since we’re about to start talking visual journalism, here’s a link to a story about the reporting the 24-year-old photographer did to find the story. (And how little outlets wanted to pay him).

And here’s a link to the actual photos. AH-MAY-ZING.



Paper, shmaper. The future is this!

The future is (almost) here. OMG. How cool is this?!

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She Blogs and Hollywood Cowers

A combination town crier and volcano god, Finke evokes in her readers both anxiety and respect.

A great read about Nikke Finke, the former LA Times reporter-turned-blogger, in The New Yorker. A heads-up: Am likely to list this as “required reading” down the road.

Poynter asks if this example of Twitter is actual reporting…

Another interesting read on the intersection of Twitter and journalism, which is now our favorite subject, right? I mean, besides GREAT AUDIO!! Monica raised a great point today about how communicators are curious and in-touch and I tend to agree with her. I think you can make up your own mind if something is worth/not worth exploring. But you should at least experiment with something before you make the call. I can’t tell you how many people in my old newsroom pooh-poohed Facebook and now you should see them trying to friend everyone they can find. I’m late to Facebook but I should have listened when some  UW students told me about it four years ago.

Another newspaper (section) bites the dust

Big and some would argue very sad news in the newspaper industry: The Washington Post has opted to kill its stand-alone books section. The New York Times reports the story here. Question: So if the Post wants to maintain robust books coverage how might it do that online?

NPR 2.0

“Long defined by its radio programming, National Public Radio is reinventing itself as a multiplatform force.” Interesting, worthy read here.

The end of a two-newspaper Seattle?

Editorial cartoonist David Horsey's take on the sale of The Seattle P-I.

Editorial cartoonist David Horsey's take on the sale of The Seattle P-I.

If no one’s willing to buy The P-I it’ll shut down or publish as an online publication only. And that would mean a bunch of unemployed journalists, which is why I take the news so personally.

Read the story here.