Portfolio (Photography)

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My own reinvention has included picking up a camera and taking photos during 1)My radio assignments 2)Whenever I’m inclined. I’ve published these because I kind of like them. And since I’m constantly telling my students not to be afraid of trying new things I offer this as proof to them that I’m willing to try something. And show it publicly.

Walking In NY (August 2009)

A Family of Birdwatchers (Seattle, March 2010)


Donald Byrd (Seattle, February 2010)

Bob-and-Roberto  001

larry  005

Councilman Larry Gossett (King County Council offices, November ’09)

bumbershoot  002

Hangin’ (Bumbershoot, Seattle 2009)

r-71  003

Awaiting Word on Referendum 71 (Capitol Hill, 11-03-09)

kristen  004

Artist Kristen Ramirez (Fremont Bridge, September 2009)


A Waterfront Busker (Seattle, September 2009)

DSC_5467 - Version 2

First-time Operagoer Cassidy Brettler (McCaw Hall, August ’09)

Community Picnic at the Idriss Mosque (August '09)

Community Picnic at the Idriss Mosque (Seattle, August ’09)

GearUp Girl (UW, 07-29-09)

GearUp Girl (UW, 07-29-09)

Red Square, 7-29-09

Millenial Journalists-To-Be (UW’s Red Square, 7-29-09)

Chef Julie Andres (Columbia City Farmer's Market, 7-8-09)

Chef Julie Andres (Columbia City Farmer’s Market, 7-8-09)

Self-portrait (Las Vegas, 06-10-09)

Self-portrait (Las Vegas, 06-10-09)