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The Story Behind The Photos

Found this great collection of interviews with photographers about their award-winning photos.

Take a look (loading time of photos can be slow but click through the thumbnails and be patient).

(Don’t you love this idea and how it’s presented on the web?)


Web Inspiration

The EPpys were announced today. Best journalism/istic web sites as chosen by Editor and Publisher

For a full-list go here. (Yes. Explore. THEY are our competition).

This one won for best site under 1 million unique monthly viewers. Uh, what am I missing? I don’t think it’s all that great. Do you?

Then again espn.com won as well. OK. Full disclosure: Husband works for espn.com. But seriously, I think their website is boring. Must be my female sensibility.

RIP CNN Ticker

I like the new look of CNN. I think it’s cleaner. I was a fan of the Ticker — that news headline feed that crawled across the screen from right to left. But I have to say I’m liking this new thing, dubbed the Flipper, even better.

Since this course is about delivering information and what/what isn’t a good visual, this story seemed worth posting. Curious what you think of the changes…

Design inspiration

Time magazine names its top 10 magazine covers of 2008 and this is number one. Yes, this is a class on digital journalism but I’ll flag inspiration of all types and link to it. And I’m counting on you to do the same.