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Cool interactive!

Thanks to Page for recommending this. Inspiring. Check it out here.


Dang. How do you do this?

The NYT, which you’ll discover is my all-time favorite news pub, strikes again with something groovy and interactive.

Anyone want to try this for our site???!!

Obama’s speech as a word cloud


Just found out about this cool program with the very cool name (www.wordle.net) that lets you do this. So I did.

Inaugural Words


Unless the systems crash we’ll be watching assorted live streams of Tuesday’s Inauguration in class. Here’s a link to that techcrunch story outlining viewing options.

And here are even more options.

The New York Times (again) has another nifty interactive graphic (example, above) about inauguration speeches since 1979 1789 and a look at the most-used words in each address.

Anyone willing to guess who said the above?