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The Story Behind The Photos

Found this great collection of interviews with photographers about their award-winning photos.

Take a look (loading time of photos can be slow but click through the thumbnails and be patient).

(Don’t you love this idea and how it’s presented on the web?)


Engaging news-minded millienials with Facebook

An interesting partnership that will launch apps on Facebook in an effort to engage more young people in the news. Also, a partnership with Facebook and online enviromental magazine Grist.org, which happens to be Seattle-based. Again, this touches on news consumption and alternatives to the old ways of news delivery. But will they be appealing to you? And what might this mean for journalists of tomorrow? Press release of the projects here.

And the Pulitzer goes to — online journalism!

The Pulitzers will finally acknowledge online journalism in next year’s competition. I suspect some print folks are grumbling at the thought of competing at outlets perceived to be lacking in journalistic standards. But the media landscape has forever changed and it’s about time the Pulitzers spotlighted new journalism. The official announcement here. And a q-and-a with the Pulitzer administrator here.