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Have camera; but got a sandwich bag?

Skip the app; use the sandwich bag.

Gizmodo story here.


Instagram + a bathroom-turned-into-a-studio=A-1 portrait in the NYT

Photographer Nick Laham talks about his portraits of Alex Rodriguez — and shows a gallery of other pics.


Using diptychs to chronicle the passage of time

Inspirational visual journalism.

Photographic inspiration

The poorest county in the US celebrates prom.


Student produced-visual inspiration


The College Photographer of the Year contest has announced its winners. Take a look here. (Thanks Andrew for the link).

"Roping the Wind" by Jose Corbella - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Also here’s a still from a really wonderful video. Take a look. Enjoy the lush sound.




The Lens blog, below, turned me onto this. I just really like this cover.

Picture 5

The Story Behind The Photos

Found this great collection of interviews with photographers about their award-winning photos.

Take a look (loading time of photos can be slow but click through the thumbnails and be patient).

(Don’t you love this idea and how it’s presented on the web?)