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Boosting Readership

Thanks Li-Cheng for finding this:http://www.problogger.net/archives/2009/05/04/plan-build-profile-readership/


My Twitter friends, er followers

Until I figure out this whole coding thing this image will have to suffice. You too can get a mosaic of who is following you. Go here.


Twitter and social media

We’ll spend hour two on Tuesday with Kathy Gill from the Comm department. Her bio below. We’ll hear from Monica Guzman, online reporter at The Seattle P-I on Thursday. (Bio TK). In advance of Kathy’s lecture please read the following stories. (They are quick reads). Thanks.


Kathy E. Gill, Senior Lecturer, specializes in the study of human-computer interaction in the context of digital media. In particular, she is interested in the non verbal language of objects, interaction design, and web site usability. Research questions she asks include: How do we achieve (and measure?) effective online communication? How do variables such as monitor size and resolution affect understanding? She teaches graduate courses in the Digital Media Master’s Program.

“Citizen Journalists Provided Glimpses of Mumbai” from The NYT. 

“Social media, citizen journalism trumps traditional media on the plane crashes beat” from The New Mexico Independent

“Don’t Fear Twitter” from the Nieman Reports.

“How should journalists use Twitter?” From the Columbia Journalism Review

“Twittering tips for beginners” by NYT’s David Pogue.

Inaugural Words


Unless the systems crash we’ll be watching assorted live streams of Tuesday’s Inauguration in class. Here’s a link to that techcrunch story outlining viewing options.

And here are even more options.

The New York Times (again) has another nifty interactive graphic (example, above) about inauguration speeches since 1979 1789 and a look at the most-used words in each address.

Anyone willing to guess who said the above?



Engaging news-minded millienials with Facebook

An interesting partnership that will launch apps on Facebook in an effort to engage more young people in the news. Also, a partnership with Facebook and online enviromental magazine Grist.org, which happens to be Seattle-based. Again, this touches on news consumption and alternatives to the old ways of news delivery. But will they be appealing to you? And what might this mean for journalists of tomorrow? Press release of the projects here.