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Boosting Readership

Thanks Li-Cheng for finding this:http://www.problogger.net/archives/2009/05/04/plan-build-profile-readership/


Web Inspiration

The EPpys were announced today. Best journalism/istic web sites as chosen by Editor and Publisher

For a full-list go here. (Yes. Explore. THEY are our competition).

This one won for best site under 1 million unique monthly viewers. Uh, what am I missing? I don’t think it’s all that great. Do you?

Then again espn.com won as well. OK. Full disclosure: Husband works for espn.com. But seriously, I think their website is boring. Must be my female sensibility.

NPR 2.0

“Long defined by its radio programming, National Public Radio is reinventing itself as a multiplatform force.” Interesting, worthy read here.

Inaugural Words


Unless the systems crash we’ll be watching assorted live streams of Tuesday’s Inauguration in class. Here’s a link to that techcrunch story outlining viewing options.

And here are even more options.

The New York Times (again) has another nifty interactive graphic (example, above) about inauguration speeches since 1979 1789 and a look at the most-used words in each address.

Anyone willing to guess who said the above?



Engaging news-minded millienials with Facebook

An interesting partnership that will launch apps on Facebook in an effort to engage more young people in the news. Also, a partnership with Facebook and online enviromental magazine Grist.org, which happens to be Seattle-based. Again, this touches on news consumption and alternatives to the old ways of news delivery. But will they be appealing to you? And what might this mean for journalists of tomorrow? Press release of the projects here.

The death of newspapers?

A video report on old media — newsprint — in this new digital age by the editors of The Seattle Times, The Seattle P-I, The Stranger and crosscut.org. An interesting overview about news consumption, news delivery systems and news content. Frankly, I read the New York Times most often because I have the app on my iphone. And I wake up every morning to KPLU-FM.

Seattle Channel\’s City Inside/Out