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A media organization’s “about” page

Since I had my writing students write bios last quarter — and my current crop of multimedia students are working on their own “self-portraits” for Thursday — I was interested in this video.  I’m surprised more news orgs haven’t adopted a bio-vid.


A still photographer shoots a (really nice) video

This is by John Lok, who will be guest speaking in a couple of weeks.


The Crossover


Take a look at this.

A New Year Means New Stuff to Applaud, Dis

Take a look.

I would have preferred a series of stills and an interview with the actual MURALIST than a video that really doesn’t do much for me.

A better bet: one of the great panoramas the Los Angeles Times does routinely.

Harley Soltes Looks Back at WTO

A vivid look back at a defining moment in Seattle’s history. (I could have sworn when I screened this yesterday it had Harley’s name misspelled as HarVey in the end credits. Either my eyes failed me or someone finally caught the error. I bet the latter). UPDATE: Yes, Harley confirms there was an error and HE was the one who alerted the Times about it. (How embarrassing).

A half-hour documentary airs tonight (Monday) at 9 p.m. on KCTS. It’ll also be available for streaming on the web. Here’s a preview.

With technology comes great responsibility

To try and tell a story!

The technology: a video camera

The assignment: The arrival of the MLS cup in Seattle

The critique: How might YOU have shot this differently? What works — and what doesn’t — here?

Student produced-visual inspiration


The College Photographer of the Year contest has announced its winners. Take a look here. (Thanks Andrew for the link).

"Roping the Wind" by Jose Corbella - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Also here’s a still from a really wonderful video. Take a look. Enjoy the lush sound.