Audio slideshow: yay or nay?

Watch and discuss.



2 responses to “Audio slideshow: yay or nay?

  1. Iris Viveros

    I like the one of the artists. It just goes very smoothly. I still think it needed a little bit more flavor.

  2. I liked it. It didn’t move me to tears like I know Florangela loves, but artists are freaky and weird and they’d rather move you to new understandings instead. This piece conveys that in its tone, as well. It’s at once showing you art, space, and artist, while it shows the artists’ world they way they describe it.

    In other words, the creator is not a part of the story, which is good, cause the artists have personality flooding out their ears, and the creator’s may have clashed with theirs. Indeed, don’t artists’ personalities commonly clash with mainstream thought?

    The artist isn’t asking you to be moved. The artist moves herself, and puts it on display. All the artist wants is to be recognized; seen. This audio slideshow puts that notion into clear perspective for me. Artists are just trying to live their lives, be poor, and pure and exploding of heart.

    If I were single, I’d want to have a space like theirs that was condemned, the ’67 Building,’ was it called? I’m jealous they have the time and resources to do that at all.

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