This site has been created primarily as a resource for my journalism and Communication students.

Who am I? I’m a former print journalist who spent 14 years at The Seattle Times writing both news and feature stories. My beats over the years included diversity/race, immigration, the environment, night culture, dance, TV and general assignment.

I left newspapering in May 2008 but I didn’t want to stop telling stories. I was lucky enough to land immediately at KPLU-FM, an NPR-affiliate in Seattle, where I’ve been freelancing ever since.

I’m also contributing arts editor at Crosscut.

To take a look at my work, visit my portfolio.

I first began teaching at the University of Washington in March 2005. I was a part-time faculty member at the UW from 2008 to 2013. In Spring 2014, I began teaching at Seattle University.

I use this site to both organize some of my favorite tutorials and resources about multmedia and to post about the successes (and failures) of journalism/storytelling/communication.  I’ll occasionally ramble here about lessons learned in the classroom as well as my own life post-print.

But I post most often about things that inspire — anything that might get one’s creative juices flowing.  I welcome links, posts, thoughts on how to make this site better. Thanks!

Preparing for Class, Seattle, 2009

Preparing for Class, Seattle, January 2009



5 responses to “About

  1. I there I just wanted to say that I love your blog. I have recently begun exploring the world of media and journalism and happened upon your site. It’s a great resource with good ideas and many helpful links. Thanks

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  3. I just happened to stumble across your blog and I wanted to commenc you! I’m an ex-nursing student with a passion for writing who has decided to make the leap to journalism. My major will officially change in the fall. It’s a little scary, but I really just love “to know” and writing has always brought me peace. I don’t know anything about you really but your blog has so much great information and I just wanted to say thanks. You’ve given me a lot to look forward to and work toward. A million thanks.

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